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Home Improvement Profitability Summit
June 2-4, 2020 | Chicago, IL
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About the Event
The Most Powerful Event In The Industry!
Three days of power-packed training is what awaits you at The Home Improvement Profitability Summit. This is the preeminent event for owners, and managers in the home improvement industry looking to improve their business right away. You will hear from the top trainers from Dave Yoho Associates, as well as numerous industry experts. You will have plenty of opportunity for Q&A with the abundance of panels presenting valuable information. There will also be abundant role play on issues dealing with sales, marketing, and recruiting/hiring. You will also have the opportunity to attend a special program on day-one, The Collegial Conference, where there will be breakout sessions and a larger amount of contributions from the audience. You won't want to miss it!
Westin O'Hare Chicago
Rosemont, IL
Tuesday -Thursday
June 2-4, 2020
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Why Attend
What To Expect From HIP2020
Powerful Training
Powerful training from Dave Yoho Associates’ Account Executives.
Expert Speakers
You will learn from the top minds on the latest tactics for generating revenue.
Q&A Sessions
Each session is designed to leave ample room for questions from the attendees.
Various opportunities to meet directly with one of our Account Executives.
Meet fellow attendees & take advantage of their wealth of knowledge.
Actionable Items
Easy-to-use information that you can implement immediately in your business.
Dave Yoho
Dave Yoho Associates
Joe Talmon
Dave Yoho Associates
Rick McIntire
Dave Yoho Associates
Bryan Wakefield
Dave Yoho Associates
Event Schedule
Agenda Highlights
12:30 PM - 1:00 PM
Registration for the Collegial Conference
Get there early so you can grab the best seat possible!
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
A Discussion of Financial Solvency
Dave Yoho will lead this session on how to improve your financial position and attain better profitability. The goal will be how to plan for 10% (or more) pretax net profit.
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Sales & Marketing Breakout Sessions
Everyone will be sent to either the sales or marketing breakout session which will each be led by two Dave Yoho Associates Account Executives.

In the sales session, the focus will be to develop an understanding as to why price is not costing you jobs. In the marketing session you will learn the secrets behind efficient asset recovery.

In both breakouts there will be a wealth of real-world examples and heavy contribution from the attendees.
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
The Best Practices of Modern Sales Management
Great sales managers know that increasing sales productivity isn’t about spending a fortune on training, rather involves: motivating your team and pursuing the right strategy while arming it with the right tools.

During this session you will learn:

• The 10 disciplines of successful sales management
• The paradoxical laws of recruiting for the job of a salesperson
• Effective methods to train new hires
• How to motivate and inspire the sales team
• Ways to manage lead flow among your staff
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
PANEL: Modern Marketing in 2020
Three of the industry’s top experts on marketing present in this panel format. You will learn concrete ways to reduce your marketing costs, generate more leads, and operate your existing lead base more efficiently. There will be abundant time for Q&A during this session.
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Capitalize With Shows & Events to Reduce Your Marketing Costs
Shows and events come under the broad classification of “face to face” lead development. Here you’re afforded the opportunity to meet with show attendees who may or may not be immediate prospects for your product or service – they did not come to the show looking for you, your product, or an opportunity to make an appointment with your company. So your plan for lead development must include a way to take a less confirmed prospect and cultivate it so as to produce an opportunity to inspect their project, increase their interest level, and give a full-blown presentation.

In this session you will learn:

• The five-point pre-show plan
• Four steps to the product/service presentation
• Common mistakes and misconceptions of running a booth
• The post-show SUCCESS game plan
• How to prepare the sales force to sell show leads

There will be a full display up on stage and lots of role-play.
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Finding the Best Salespeople
In order to scale up quickly, a company needs to build a great sales team. The trick is to hire really good salespeople. But this is hard to do because salespeople are often really good at selling themselves!

In this session, the two biggest hiring experts in the industry will lead you through what to do, what not to do and how to follow through on your efforts.

Furthermore, you will be introduced to the two top assessments on hiring that are available today.
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Conducting a Winning Hiring Interview
Learning how to conduct an interview effectively can be challenging, but hiring the best candidate is a worthwhile reward.

Imagine if candidates really acted each day the same way they acted during the interview. The interview is often an “act”. The interviewer must get past the “act”, and understand the real person being interviewed. Will they perform the tasks you want? Will they exhibit the behavior you require? Do they fit?

Here are the keys:

• Interview them like a customer.
Disarm them. Keep them “off-balance”. Move too fast for analysis.

• Be direct; challenge all fluff and inconsistencies.

• Do not reach or sound “needy”. You have the job; they don’t.

• Sell the opportunity and discuss your expectations with incomplete pictures.

• Find out what’s important to them (values, goals, motives).

• Pursue (challenge) the dissatisfaction from previous positions and the story behind claims.
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
PANEL: The Model of Sales Efficiency
In discussions with senior sales executives, they mention one of their key challenges is onboarding new salespeople and customer success roles. Constantly having to re-hire and re-train teams is not only costly, but it also makes it harder to hit revenue targets and sales productivity goals.

If you drill down into the reasons for turnover when it comes to salespeople, three factors quickly emerge: a lack of modern tools for them to do their jobs effectively, not enough coaching and substandard sales cultures within organizations.

In this panel, leading sales managers from home improvement companies across the U.S. will comment on how they have implemented change within their organization and how you can follow suit.
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The Venue

6100 N River Rd
Rosemont, IL 60018

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What They Say
Our Reviews
"I love the energy and humor in your programs! You do an excellent job at making us think and generate questions that will help our business."
Christi Pryor
Callen Construction
"They were all great speakers who knew how to motivate an audience. I left having learned a lot of new information I didn’t know previously."
Ken Baer
K & P Enterprises, Inc.
"All of the speakers were very knowledgeable and presented everything in a way that we could learn. I heard all kinds of practical ideas that made a lot of sense for my business."
Steve Eisenmann
Eisenmann Construction
"Your program was not at all what I expected. The speakers were commanding and knowledgeable, and the information presented was thorough."
Brandon Erdmann
Homesealed, LLC
"As someone new to sales, it was extremely helpful to learn how to close a deal without damaging my integrity."
Mark Buhr
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