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The Growth Mastery Summit 2024
November 11 - 13, 2024 | Hyatt Regency Dulles, VA
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Dave Yoho Associates Presents
The Leading Industry Seminar
If you are an Owner, Executive, or Manager in the Home Improvement, Remodeling, or Home Services Industry, the Summit will give you a roadmap to earn the net profit you are entitled to, despite the challenging economy.

Attendees can expect a comprehensive program that covers key aspects of business growth, sales strategies, and effective leadership. With a blend of informative sessions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, the Summit equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to stay competitive in 2024 and beyond.
Hyatt Regency Dulles
Herndon, VA
Monday - Wednesday
November 11 - 13, 2024
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Learn From Leaders In Your Industry
Grow Your Business
Over the last 50+ years, we have produced hundreds of motivational and comprehensive live events for business owners, executives, managers, and in-home salespeople. What sets our in-person seminars apart from competitive offerings is the knowledge base and industry background of our expert speakers.
Why Attend The Summit?
For Many Reasons...
Timely Topics
The most critical issues in your industry
Expert Speakers
Leading industry authorities
Q&A Sessions
Ample opportunities to have your questions addressed
Meet with Dave Yoho Associates' Senior Consultants
Engage with Sponsors and other attendees
Actionable Items
Case studies, whitepapers and abundant resources to implement
Event Schedule
Agenda Highlights
Tech Solutions
Boost Productivity with the Latest Tools
Discover how technology, from project management software to AI-driven analytics, can boost productivity and streamline operations. Case studies will show real-world applications and benefits.
Sales Excellence
Empower Your Team for Peak Performance
Learn about designing and implementing sales training programs that enhance the skills of your team. This session will cover training methodologies, performance tracking, and continuous improvement.
Event Marketing
Mastering Face-to-Face Lead Generation
Join Samantha, founder of Enabled and an expert in retail, home shows, events, and RSVP lead generation in the home remodeling industry, at the Dave Yoho Associates Summit for an exclusive session on face-to-face lead generation! Discover how to build robust systems that drive success and elevate your lead generation capabilities.
Training Mastery
Training the Trainers for Success
Learn how to develop a robust training program that equips your trainers with the skills and tools they need to inspire and educate others effectively. We'll cover essential techniques for adult learning, strategies for engaging and motivating trainees, and methods for measuring training success. Discover how to create a ripple effect of excellence throughout your organization by empowering your trainers to be the best they can be.
Talent Magnets
Attracting and Retaining the Best in the Business
Strategies for attracting, hiring, and retaining skilled professionals in the home improvement industry. Discussion on creating a positive workplace culture, competitive compensation packages, and career development opportunities.
Maximizing Impact
Streamlining Your Advertising Campaigns
Explore innovative strategies and tools to streamline your advertising efforts, ensuring every dollar spent delivers the highest return. Learn how to identify and target your ideal audience, craft compelling ad creatives, and leverage data-driven insights for continuous improvement. We'll also cover best practices for managing multi-channel campaigns and integrating new technologies to stay ahead of the competition.
Close More Deals
Utilizing Financing as a Powerful Selling Tool
dive into effective strategies for leveraging financing options to make your products and services more accessible and appealing. Learn how to present financing as a value-added benefit, address common customer concerns, and seamlessly integrate financing solutions into your sales process.
Embrace Challenges
Navigating Failures, Setbacks, and Frustrations in Training
Learn how to turn setbacks into learning opportunities, address common pitfalls in training programs, and maintain motivation despite obstacles. We’ll share strategies for handling difficult trainees, adapting to unexpected changes, and recovering from training failures.
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Our Reviews
What Our Attendees Say...
"Without question, this was the most impactful seminar we have ever attended!"
Stephen Thacker
All Seasons Windows and Doors
"The speakers were phenomenal, engaging, and knowledgeable!"
Summer Cruz
Absolute Aluminum
"This was my first Summit and there was so much knowledge I took back to my team, but the connections I formed were equally valuable."
Michael Mayson
All Exteriors, LLC
"I walked away from the Summit with a TON of good information to bring back to my team!"
Ethan Koontz
Deck and Drive
"I love the energy and humor in your programs! You do an excellent job at making us think and generate questions that will help our business."
Christi Pryor
Callen Construction
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