Thursday, May 17th:


8:00-8:30 Registration for the Summit


8:30-9:45 PANEL: Concerns for our Industry


A bevy of experts from across the industry will present their outlook for 2018 and beyond. A variety of topics will be covered including: sales, marketing, recruiting/hiring, management, and important insights will be given on what turnarounds you can make in your business.


9:45-10:45 Setting up an Advanced Hiring and Training Program in Your Business


Excellent recruiting and hiring is the benchmark of any successful business. During this session you will learn how to hire the right people, how to avoid the wrong ones, how to interview properly, and how to use assessments like the behavioral profile and sales aptitude appraisal to determine whether someone will be a fit for a position.


10:45-11:15 Break: Sponsor Showcase and Networking


11:15-12:15 Setting up an Advanced Hiring and Training Program in Your Business (cont.)


Setting up a training program is the second piece of the puzzle. Here you will learn the keys to managing and motivating your trainees, how to keep them from becoming mis-hires, and a rigid methodology that will lead them on the path to success. We will share case histories as well as some exceptional examples of successful salespeople.


12:15-1:15 Lunch (Provided by Dave Yoho Associates)


1:15-2:30 PANEL: Exit Strategies: Acquiring Other Companies or Being Acquired


Several individuals who have either been acquired or who have acquired businesses will comprise a panel designed to give you strategies on when the right time to exit your business is and how you should go about it. Success stories will also be given by individuals who have sold their business but remain involved in the day-to-day operations of the company.


2:30-3:30 Managing and Marketing Your Shows & Events


Shows and events continue to be a key driver for many businesses but the truth remains that few do it successfully. In this session you will learn the importance of setting up your booth in the proper manner, how to staff it appropriately, the keys to managing your staff, the tricks of the trade for marketing at a show or event, and the determinants of success after it has been completed.


3:30-4:00 Break: Sponsor Showcase and Networking


4:00-5:00 Managing and Marketing Your Shows & Events (cont.)


We will demonstrate what goes into a successful show/event by setting up an actual full display on stage. Plus we will go over different scenarios through role play that will give you insights as to how to approach specific situations.


5:00-6:30 Special “Meet and Greet” Cocktail Hour

Join us as we give away over $1500 worth of prizes and you hear from each of our Sponsors. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be available.


Friday, May 18th:


8:30-10:40 Processing Leads and Follow Through


Here we will address canvassing, S.F.I. programs, as well other types of nebulous leads that impact your business. We will cover the do’s and the don’ts of these types of marketing, the costs attendant to each, and how you should properly train each employee. There will be abundant role play during this section.


10:40-11:10 Break: Sponsor Showcase and Networking


11:10-12:30 PANEL: Issues and Opportunities with the New Tax Laws


The industry’s premier attorney, D.S. Berenson, as well as several tax experts, will take you through the new tax laws: what you can expect in the forthcoming months, how they will impact your business, and how you can anticipate these changes.


12:30-1:30 Lunch (Provided by Dave Yoho Associates)


1:30-2:45 PANEL: Issues and Opportunities with the New Tax Laws (cont.)


The panel continues with more insight into the new tax laws and we take the time to address the many questions that you are sure to have.



2:45-4:00 PANEL: Tying it Altogether


We bring back the majority of our panelists to reprise their topics from the two-day event and to answer your questions.


4:00-4:30 Closing Remarks & Prize Winners Announced

We wrap up this year’s symposium by answering some final questions and giving away more prizes so make sure and stay until the end!!!