Tuesday, May 7th


NOTE: This is a special bonus program not included in the cost of the 2-day Summit


12:30-1:00 Registration for the Collegial Conference


1:00- 3:15 The Collegial Conference


The inaugural first of its kind program will begin as we delve into three core areas designed to increase your profitability immediately: Financial Growth, Marketing Efficiency, and Sales Development. We will address many of the key pitfalls that befall many organizations, how to overcome them, and how the right people and processes go hand in hand in successful businesses.


3:15-3:45 Break: Sponsor Showcase and Networking


3:45-6:00 The Collegial Conference (cont.)


Breakout sessions will be structured led by experts of the industry. Their goal will be to challenge your beliefs and get you to expand your thinking beyond your current mindset. You will have the opportunity to contribute to a collaborative message that is taken back and shared with the group.


6:00 Collegial Conference Ends


Wednesday, May 8th


8:00-8:30 Registration for the Home Improvement Profitability Summit


8:30-8:45 Housekeeping and Introducing the Program


8:45-9:15 PANEL: The State of the Industry

Four of the main experts in the home improvement industry address where the industry currently is in 2019, where it’s headed, and what the expectations are for businesses. You will have the opportunity to ask questions to each expert on a variety of topics and you may be surprised to hear some of the information offered up by some of the speakers.


9:15-10:15 PANEL: Ever Increasing Cost of Issued Leads

The average cost of a lead in the home improvement industry is over $400, and it keeps rising. In this panel, several experts will address ways in which you can minimize the issue cost of your leads. The time and money most businesses spend on inadequate leads can dramatically hamper performance and operational efficiency. Rather, it’s a more prudent approach to put data and lead management strategies in place to diminish the cost of leads. Follow these steps and you’ll lead your sales and marketing teams to greater heights.


10:15-10:45 Break: Sponsor Showcase and Networking


10:45-11:30 The Legal Outlook for 2019-20 and Beyond

 Legal expert D.S. Berenson will take you through the important laws and amendments that you need to be aware of that affect your business right now and down the road. Bring your questions as there will be plenty of time for Q&A during this segment.


11:30-12:30 PANEL: Ideas to Increase Bottom Line Pre-Tax Net Profits

A common problem affecting all small to moderate size businesses is net profitability. If you are expanding or doing less business, it will be a major factor.

It is not uncommon for us to examine the operating statement of a successful company and find that despite the fact that they made money in the preceding year, they still don’t have sufficient capital to pay their bills on time, pay adequate compensation to the owner/shareholder or to expand their business.


In this panel we will discuss four key issues that can have an effect on your net profitability:


  • Sit-rate percentage and your changes in closes to leads issued
  • The number of revisits you are doing and how efficient they are
  • What your cancel/save percentage is and how it has changed recently
  • How a second look financing program can have a dramatic impact on your sales force


12:30-1:30 Lunch (Provided by Dave Yoho Associates)


1:30-2:15 PANEL: Ideas to Increase Bottom Line Pre-Tax Net Profits (Part 2)

A successful company may employ various forms of lead development, all of which require cash outlay.  Marketing dollars are spent; sales are made then processed followed by an installation – which may be weeks or months later.  This creates an investment in your backlog.  If you advance your salespeople on sales made and approved, you have increased your investment, both of which could represent 10 to 20% (minimally) of the sales being processed.

On this panel you will learn:

  • How to make technology a part of your overall business plan
  • How to make your canvassing plan more efficient
  • The unique, unusual methods organized by one of the most creative minds in the industry


2:15-3:00 PANEL: Addressing Your Labor Shortage

Although revenues in the industry are rapidly increasing, there are some concerns on the horizon and we will address those in this panel discussion.


Consider this, a major percentage of home improvement companies had their greatest sales year in 2018 while severely increasing their backlog. This begs the question, how has this affected their “cycle time”? These and similar problems created by a rising economy, the availability and ease of consumer credit has and will have critical and unintended consequences for their business.


On this panel we will discuss:


  • How to make your supplier your join venture partner
  • How to find new labor sources
  • Ways to reduce your backlog


3:00-3:30 Break: Sponsor Showcase and Networking


3:30-5:00 Handling Societal Issues

 The customer landscape has shifted dramatically over the last few years and in accordance it’s important that your business is prepared to respond to societal issues that are presenting themselves in a rapid pace.


During this rapid-fire 90-minute session we will deal with:


  • How to best combat the challenge of prospects and customers not responding to phone calls, emails, and text messages
  • Controlling the behavior of your interactions with customers
  • Setting realistic goals for 2019 (and into 2020) and how these are working


5:00-6:30 Special “Meet and Greet” Cocktail Hour

Join us as we give away over $1500 worth of prizes and you hear from each of our Sponsors. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be available.


Thursday, May 9th


8:30-10:00 How to Attract More and Better Candidates

 Attracting and hiring the best candidates has never been more challenging. Yes, there are many qualified applicants out there, but finding them and keeping them remains a huge challenge. During this session we will spotlight the 10 key recruiting/hiring errors that all businesses face.


We will also touch on the 5 biggest reality checks you need to face:


  • There will always be some turnover
  • Excessive turnover is mostly a process of improper selection or improper management
  • The cost of excessive turnover is seldom (if ever) identified on your operating statement.
  • Managers/owners with mediocre sales or hiring skills will usually hire applicants with mediocre sales skills.
  • The quality of the environment in which salespeople are placed will affect their optimism and may impair their skill level.


10:00-10:30 Break: Sponsor Showcase and Networking


10:30-12:00 Learning How to Best Utilize the Behavioral Profile and Sales Aptitude Appraisal


The behavioral profile is the best device for fitting an individual to a specific position that you may be hiring for. The Sales Aptitude Appraisal is essentially a test that measures how an applicant will perform in a given sales situation.


The two top experts in the industry on these powerful assessment tools will show you how to utilize them in your business and how they can be used to manage, motivate and develop employees to avoid turnover and keep your best people on staff.


12:00-1:00 Lunch (Provided by Dave Yoho Associates)


1:00-2:00 Conducting Winning Interviews


The interview process is mostly flawed and leads to a lot of mis-hires. Here you will learn to conduct interviews that identify the candidate’s work ethic, manageability, and innate selling skills.


You will learn:


  • How to disarm applicants and keep them off-balance. This is critical in a high-pressure job like a sales role to make sure they can fit the bill.
  • How to be direct – – challenge all fluff and inconsistencies
  • How to sound cordial yet selective without condescension
  • Not to reach or sound “needy”. Remember, you have the job, they don’t


2:00-3:00 Creating a Powerful and Replicable Training Program


The best training programs are ones that test sales processes, closing skills, work ethic, commitment and endurance. They never let the trainee feel too comfortable, yet give them the tools they need to ultimately succeed.


You will learn:


  • How to establish a training program that weeds out those without the energy, work ethic and commitment to do the job
  • How to speed the on-boarding process while increasing production
  • How to building add-ons, referrals and change orders (ARC)
  • How your reps can self-generate 20% + of your revenue
  • How to set up compensation plans that reward your better producers without increasing costs


3:00-3:30 Closing Remarks & Prize Winners Announced

We wrap up this year’s symposium by answering some final questions and giving away more prizes so make sure and stay until the end!!!