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"The content was excellent and pertinent. It was the best seminar I have attended, and I look forward to the next."
Timothy McCarthy
McCarthy Metal Roofing
"These guys know how to perform! Powerful content, right to the point. It hit key areas to discuss in our market."
Mark Olsen
Krumwiede Roofing And Exteriors
"The information provided was clearly presented in a way that was able to keep my attention and easy to understand. The comprehensiveness of the program was excellent."
Russell Shelton
Southern Energy Water & Air
"Your program opened my eyes to a number of things that I need to change in my organization."
Mike Keller
Universal Windows Direct
"Thank you for putting together the best program I have ever seen."
Nick Lindsay
Bath Innovations Of Alabama
"I love the energy and humor in your programs! You do an excellent job at making us think and generate questions that will help our business."
Christi Pryor
Callen Construction
"Lots of energy – Really high powered stuff – Way beyond my expectations! Each speaker had a wealth of experience to share and was captivating!"
Don Tooley
Natural Florida Homes
"The role playing was extremely helpful. Everyone was very energetic, easy to hear and entertaining."
Carole Weber
Weber Company
"They were all great speakers who knew how to motivate an audience. I left having learned a lot of new information I didn’t know previously."
Ken Baer
K & P Enterprises, Inc.
"I loved the role playing and group panel settings, and all the speakers were confident and professional."
Jeff Nelson
Total Basement Finishing
"All of the speakers were extremely motivating. I cannot think of a better way to present this vital material to an audience."
Jonathan Barber
Skye Builders
"Your program was superb. I really enjoy great speakers and they are GREAT. The content was extremely important but their speaking is what kept me tuned in."
Kevin Danielzuk
Lifetime Shingles
"Part of training is not only to educate, but to invoke thoughts in participants. This conference has led me to generate a long list of questions to ask to further my business."
Patrick Goodrich
Seaway Manufacturing
"Your seminars are always relevant and challenging, and I always leave prepared and charged up."
Tom Speaks
Speaks Custom Window & Sunrooms
"All of the speakers were very knowledgeable and presented everything in a way that we could learn. I heard all kinds of practical ideas that made a lot of sense for my business."
Steve Eisenmann
Eisenmann Construction
"I learned a lot about marketing and sales. The interest was kept throughout the presentation. They were to the point in their information and the added humor made it easier to follow."
Patty Croce
American Energy Corporation
"I’ve been in the business for over a decade and no one puts together seminars as impactful as Dave Yoho Associates. The energy is remarkable."
D. Rich Ostrander
HomeZone Improvements
"All the presenters are mentors with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry."
Chris Hollin
Hollin Home Improvement
"The seminar was very dynamic and kept me interested throughout. You could tell that the speakers had a lot of experience working in the field."
Jay Reichenbacher
Silent Rivers Design Build
"The program was filled with practical information and demonstrations – things that can be taken back and implemented immediately."
Patty Petersen
CRC Concrete Raising & Repair
"Your seminars teach a scientifically based, systematic system, which makes it possible to train and create good personnel."
Geoff Barker
"They captivated the audience with relevant stories and engaged us. Never a boring moment!"
Annie Forster
AIC Roofing
"I have never attended a seminar with so much practical information as opposed to the ‘fluff’ that is presented at many programs."
Gary Sinai
Sinai Construction
"The event was just the right amount of time investment and content was second to none. I like that everything is science-based and proven to work."
Jeremy Ervin
Fletcher Construction
"There was a lot of valuable information to help us grow our business in the way that we want to."
Jana Saunders
Eco Elements
"The speakers were all polished, well-spoken and energetic. They all spoke from experience, not just as a trainer, which I believe adds credibility."
Jennifer Burris
"Your program was not at all what I expected. The speakers were commanding and knowledgeable, and the information presented was thorough."
Brandon Erdmann
Homesealed, LLC
"All of the information was topical and presented expertly. The seamless coordination and the synergy amongst all the presenters was something to appreciate."
Paul Thibeault
RBA Of Southern NE
"This is NOT a generic program. It is highly applicable to everything we are currently doing in our industry."
Lynn Long
Pella Corporation
"I enjoyed the content and I thought the people you had on stage were very competent and knowledgeable within their fields. The people we’re engaging and great presenters as well."
Ryan Weitzel
FLC Energy
"The speakers were very confident, experienced and had a genuine care for us."
Barbara Carranza
Carranza Roofing & Remodeling
"The content was specific to the industry and I was highly engaged throughout the program."
Steven Schiltz
American Building Contractors
"Highly qualified, polished, expert speakers. Funny, informative, very well-done."
Dustin Samuel
Prestige Products Windows & Siding
"The speakers were all brilliant with well articulated ideas. Tremendous content!"
Tom Ingram
"Having attended multiple Dave Yoho Associates Seminars, it’s always a pleasure to watch Dave keep the crowd involved and everyone on their toes for the entire meeting."
Sam Snow
Sunrooms & More
"Everyone who presented from Dave Yoho Associates was excellent, and they presented their materials in an entertaining and educating manner."
Brandon Attard
RBA Of Detroit
"The presenters are good speakers and make it very clear that they not only teach the content but are out in the trenches frequently."
Jack Gugger
Metal Roofing Systems
"Everyone seemed to be genuinely concerned about the people listening and truly wanted to be a help to the industry. They also were very knowledgeable and prepared."
Wayne Roland
Roland Slate Service
"Very informative, very thorough, and organized to be easy to follow. The speakers had great credentials, great experiences, and were well-spoken."
Bryan Durbin
"Not only were they engaging speakers, but they spoke about relevant, impactful information."
Laura Draths
Brighton Home Products
"I learned more about interviewing and training than I had ever expected to learn at a convention. Beyond that the vast materials that I took home have enabled me to continue with my education,"
Greg Baker
"Everything that was taught was extremely informative and they gave excellent business advice. I left the program with a wealth of information that I did not know previously."
L.Q. Hunter
Service Roundtable
"I really enjoyed the panels who presented a number of “real life” achievements and gave you some good ideas that could easily be applied to your own business."
Joe Winters
RBA Of Northeast PA
"I learned a lot – the speakers were all excellent, experienced, and full of abundant information."
Michael Ricca
Rainier View Construction
"Everyone was informative, passionate and did a great job presenting the information."
David Astrom
Beldon Enterprises
"The information was clearly presented and practical. I am hoping to utilize the content in my daily operations."
Andrew Mikkelson
Homestead Remodeling And Consulting LLC
"Everyone seemed very knowledgeable and were from the “real world” not just theory and books."
Dorothy Nordine
Nordine Remodeling
"The role playing was better than typical, as it was more personal and personable."
Tracy Woolery
Crawl Space Ninja of Smyrna