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Critical Industry Issues

We conduct several annual surveys to determine the biggest challenges in the industry as a whole, and what our client base is facing. The content of the Summit is structured around these pertinent issues.

Dynamic Speakers

You will hear from a variety of business owners, executives, and industry authorities on how to overcome challenges in your business and ultimately become more profitable. Several speakers will present powerful case studies that demonstrate a clear path to success.

Abundant Q&A & “Role-Play” Scenarios

Each session during the program is designed to leave ample room for questions. Role-play scenarios are also provided, which successfully demonstrate the correct and incorrect ways of implementing scripting and techniques.

Meet With Our Senior Consultants

There are numerous breaks throughout the program where you can meet with Dave Yoho Associates’ team of Consultants. Take advantage of this opportunity by asking them specific questions pertaining to your business. Our experts make themselves available during the event to give you invaluable advice and direction.

Network With Fellow Attendees

The scope of knowledge that attendees of the Summit have is tremendous. Several have built their business from under a million dollars annually to multi-market companies doing well over $30 million. Others are relatively new to the industry but show great promise for growth over the next few years. Regardless, you are guaranteed to have a conversation with another attendee that will provide direction for your business.

Face Time With Our Sponsors

Our Sponsorship group is comprised of the most successful manufacturers, marketing companies, finance providers, and specialty operators in the industry. Each Sponsor has a solution to problems you are facing in your business and will give you critical insights to face challenges on the horizon.

Easy To Implement Actionable Items

You will receive numerous resources to take back and use in your business including: a complete workbook, the slide deck, whitepapers, and much more. All the information provided is designed to make your company more profitable immediately.