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  • 8 powerful online sessions - - a total of over 16 hours of content!
  • Each session is broken upon into "easy to navigate" tracks
  • Complete supplemental material including the slide deck, whitepapers, and more!

Improve Your Business Before the End of 2022!

Hear from more than 15 industry experts including: Dave Yoho Associates Senior Consultants, Business Owners, Managers, & Marketing Strategists

  • The Modern Playbook for Effective Leadership
  • The Balancing Act of Recruiting & Hiring
  • The Demand for Customer Satisfaction Selling
  • Growing & Scaling Your Business Efficiently
  • The Keys to Retaining Your Personnel
  • Re-Evaluting Your Marketing Approach


“Dave Yoho Associates is ahead of the game with their seminars. The content at the Growth Mastery Summit was extremely topical and we are better prepared for what's changing in the industry so we can react sooner.

Karen Sager, PresidentKaren Sager, PresidentMasterShield

“The Summit had exceptional tips and insight from industry leaders. We learned a process to operate our business based on percentages - - and be relentless in hitting those targets!”

Ethan Koontz, VP of OperationsEthan Koontz, VP of OperationsDeck and Drive

Brian Gottlieb, Tundraland

Brian is an inspirational business owner with nearly four decades of experience in sales, marketing, and business leadership. His innovative approach to community-conscious business has not gone unnoticed, as Tundraland has been named the number one best place in Wisconsin to work.


Brian is a Guinness World Record holder, and USA Today’s news network named him “Entrepreneur of the Year”.

Chris Counahan, Leaf Home

Chris is currently the Chief Sales Officer of Leaf Home and President of Leaffilter, managing a team of 190 Operations/Sales Managers, 20 Regional Sales Managers, and over 2,300 “direct-to-consumer” sales representatives across North America.


He has an extensive 25-year background in the construction and remodeling industries, including 11 years as Vice President of Sales at Owens Corning Basements.

Abby Binder, Abby Windows

Abby launched her company in 2010, on the premise of a “dare”, and Abby Windows, which serves the Milwaukee area is now one of the most recognized businesses in the home improvement industry.


She is one of a handful of woman owners in the industry and focuses on a culture of efficiency while embracing technology.

Nick Roberts, Homefix

Over the last 12 years, Nick has operated as the SVP of Sales for Homefix, where he oversees more than 70 reps, 3 Directors, and 3 General Managers. During his tenure, Homefix has grown by more than 300% and increased its “NSLI” by over 1,000 per lead.


He has an extensive 25-year background in the construction and remodeling industries, including 11 years as Vice President of Sales at Owens Corning Basements.

Richard Begalla, Window Depot USA

Richard brings a unique perspective as the Executive Vice President of Window Depot’s national operations which ranked #17 on Qualified Remodeler’s Top 500 List for 2021, but also as the owner of a Window Depot location in Youngstown, Ohio.


He has built a remarkable company in a short period of time in a market that most wouldn’t dare consider, and at the Summit, he shared a unique marketing strategy that has helped him build one of the most powerful brands in the Midwest.

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