Dave Yoho Associates

Open Your Mind to Close More Sales

June 24th, 2021 - 8:15 AM - 12:00 PM
The Westfields Marriott - Chantilly, VA

Join us for the first live industry sales program presented by Dave Yoho Associates in almost four years.


Our in-home sales system is guided by the psychological and scientific practices that we have taught for over 50 years. It examines effective methods of communication between buyer and seller which are based on an understanding of the prospect’s buying habits, what their language means and ways to uncover their value system.


Does your sales system need upgrading or refinement? Do you need to learn a better method of overcoming objections and selling your price? Are you seeking to close at least one more sale on a weekly basis?


If you are an Owner, Manager, or Sales Professional of a Home Improvement, Remodeling or Home Services company, you need to attend this sales seminar. We guarantee that your revenue will increase immediately by following the systems which are presented.


Don't miss out on this powerful seminar!

Why Attend?

The Keys to Better Rapport

Developing rapport with prospects goes above and beyond other forms of sales interaction and leads to a harmonious "meeting of the minds" that cannot be duplicated.  

Using "Post-Negative Suggestions"

A powerful tool that will answer your prospect's objections before they are raised.

Role-Play Scenarios

You will not only hear what the best in-home sales tactics are, they will be demonstrated for you by our team of expert consultants.

Uncovering the Prospect's Value System

All closing steps are built on understanding the buying system and the values of your prospects. But how much does someone know the difference between what prospects like vs. what they need?

The Importance of Customer-Centric Scripting

A customer-centric sales presentation does not rely on imagery or statements about how great the company is. Instead, custom scripting is developed that is designed to appeal to each prospect. 

Abundant Q&A

Bring your questions! There will be several portions of the program where our experts will address your questions. If you would prefer to ask something to one of our consultants directly, they make themselves available during the breaks.


Every speaker has a minimum of 20 years of upper management experience in the industry and has trained hundreds of sales personnel

Dave Yoho

Dave founded a roofing company at age 28, which eventually operated with 22 branches in 13 states and in the early 1970’s had a volume of $60 million. His ideas and counseling have brought success to thousands. Dave’s experience representing Fortune 500 companies as well as entrepreneurs gives him a rich history of profit improvements, turn-arounds and in-depth problem solving.


He is the President of the oldest, largest and most successful consulting company representing industry businesses. He has appeared in over 150 training videos. He is the author of the best-selling book: Have a Great Year Every Year (Oakhill Press). His company developed the sales methods which are used by the most successful people in the industry.

Dave Yoho
Dave Yoho

joe talmon

Joe started his in-home career selling Rainbow vacuum cleaners at the age of 17. He began working in the home improvement industry, and quickly progressed through the ranks before becoming owner of a a substantial window retail operation which averaged annual sales of $10 million to $12 million in the high-end window and siding category.


Joe joined Dave Yoho Associates and he has subsequently developed sales and marketing programs for both large and mid-sized companies. He brings a rarely-seen passion in working with companies and running training meetings.

rick mcintire

Specializing in start-ups and turnarounds, Rick has more than 40 years of successful experience in direct selling environments, and more than 30 years in sales management and general management. He served for 15 years on the Executive Management team of Champion Window Company, which at that time, was one of the largest home improvement companies in the United States.  He has since been brought on as a Senior Account Executive with Dave Yoho Associates.


He is an engaging trainer and public speaker known for his persuasive optimism.  A former Navy diver, Rick’s drive and self-discipline rarely leave challenges unanswered. He finds great satisfaction helping people and organizations develop the skills, processes and techniques necessary to achieve optimum success.

Dave Yoho
Dave Yoho

joe ronzino

Joe has been in the home improvement industry since the mid-seventies. He started with a regional manufacturer of replacement windows and progressed to the door, sunroom and patio room industry. There, he had an active role in all elements of the business: purchasing, installation, customer service, as well as, overseeing the hiring and training of sales and marketing personnel. Later, he oversaw the retail division for a major sunroom company with seven locations.

Subsequently, he worked with a major manufacturer in creating and maintaining a successful retail operation in the greater NY Metropolitan area.


He is currently a shareholder/investor in numerous Renewal by Andersen locations.


For discounted accommodations of only $109/night, call Marriott Reservations at 800.228.9290 and mention “Dave Yoho Seminars”. Limited rooms are available - - Discounted Rate expires Friday, June 11th

Attendee feedback

"The content was excellent and pertinent. It was the best seminar I have attended, and I look forward to the next."

Tim McCarthyTim McCarthyPresident, McCarthy Metal Roofing

"As someone new to sales, it was extremely helpful to learn how to close a deal without damaging my integrity."

Mark BuhrMark BuhrSales Associate, HomeSpec

"I have never attended a seminar with so much practical information as opposed to the ‘fluff’ that is presented at many programs."

Gary SinaiGary SinaiPresident, Sinai Construction

"The speakers were all polished, well-spoken and energetic. They all spoke from experience, not just as a trainer, which adds credibility."

Jennifer BurrisJennifer BurrisBusiness Development Expert, ProVia

frequently asked questions

What safety precautions are you taking?

"Open Your Mind to Close More Sales" is part of a larger seminar called "The Home Improvement Profitbility Summit". We have developed a comprehensive safety policy in conjunction with our hotel partner that applies for the entire event and includes, masks, social distancing, disinfecting of surfaces, and much more.


You will learn the importance of utilizing a scientific-based sales approach and how elements of psychology will impact your success. You will also learn powerful closing tools such as: The Total Offer Concept, Power Linguistics, and The Doorknob Close. You will also have the opportunity to have your sales questions answered by the top trainers in the industry.

where can i make room reservations?

The seminar will be held at The Westfields Marriott. For discounted accommodations of only $109/night, call Marriott Reservations at 800.228.9290 and mention “Dave Yoho Seminars” - - or you can reserve a room online. The discounted rate expires Friday, June 11th.

what if i want to attend the full home improvement profitability summit?

The Summit will be held at the same hotel on June 22-24. To learn more, visit www.hipsummit.com or contact us at 703.591.2490 or admin@daveyoho.com.